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John Fordyce

Just when you think you know it all…

If you know me personally – you know among all the other thing that I do… I’ve always been an Internet Marketer at heart. Everyone should start working on the Internet and making some extra cash from their computer. Times are rough…and it’s easy to start seeing some results if you do it right.  This is the warehouse for all that.

All my websites, Ebooks and Internet Marketing materials are found in the pages above.


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Safe Buy Home Inspection - Home & Building  Inspector

Keystone Inspection & Testing Services - Civil Inspection & Construction Photography Services

4Dice Internet Solutions - Web Design and Internet Marketing



and everyday I thank GOD…for the countless ways I’ve been blessed…

If you are like me and have always had an eye for the Internet and know there is more to life than the 9 to 5 drain..  - << Look Here >>… I’ve ripped it up online for years with different forms of Internet Marketing. Let me show you how it’s done… piece by piece… all the way thorough. There is nothing better than working from your home.
Facebook is fun and all…but there is a lot more you can do on the Internet.
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He has the same look is his eye as I have in mine…