The Marketing Madman

Hello there – I’m John Fordyce and I am an Internet marketer and home based entrepreneur. About 10 years ago I started playing around on the Internet and started seeing how easy it was to begin making a steady stream of extra cash – helping myself and others make money online.

Believe me….my office is in my basement and I like it that way..!

If you know me personally – you know I’m always on the go. I have successful offline businesses as well as an ever growing Internet Empire. I’ve put this website together as a warehouse for all my books, guides, and projects for the ones who wan’t to know a little more.

All my Websites, Ebooks and Internet Marketing materials are found in the pages above.

If you are like me and have always had an eye for the Internet and know there is more to life than the 9 to 5 drain.. – Look Here .. I’ve ripped it up online for years with different forms of Internet Marketing. Let me show you how it’s done… piece by piece… all the way thorough. There is nothing better than working from your home and this free ebook shows you exactly how to get it done.

Facebook is fun and all…but there is a lot more you can do on the Internet to benefit yourself and your family. Read this free ebook – this guy will show you the light !

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