LiVinG a LiFe oF ILLuSiOn

john fordyce marketingHello there –  John Fordyce here; It’s hard to say how you’ve found this website through Facebook, Safe-Buy Home Inspection, Go Bonkerz Entertainment, DJing around Indiana PA or just browsing the Net…anyways thanks for stopping by, learning more about me and my life of illusion.

I’m Indiana PA’s Homegrown Entrepreneur – I do my own thing and dance to the beat of my own drum. Always have….Always will. (God knows my school teachers knew that back in the 90’s). It has always been my dream and this little “Secret” made it happen. I created this website to bring all my stuff together for the people that are always asking….hey John “Tell me more about your Internet thing..?.” Give me a couple minutes and I’ll explain all that. If you need to contact me – you can do it here.

john fordyce indiana pa

See… I grew up in Indiana PA and I’ve lived here all my life. Helping people, making them laugh and be happy are things I’ve always liked doing. The whole “helping people thing” led me to creating my main business Safe-Buy Home Inspection – where I’ve been a professional home inspector in Western PA for about 10 years. I’ve inspected over 1200+ houses and you quickly can see by clicking here...I take Safe-Buy very seriously and customer service is my main priority. Click on the logo below to read more about Safe-Buy, see my main business or to schedule an inspection, radon testing or any of my other inspection services:

safe buy home inspection

Over the last year I’ve been planning, building and operating a new business called – Go Bonkerz Entertainment. This is Indiana PA’s Mobile Party Service and something we really needed in the Indiana County and surrounding areas. Here I have inflatable bounce houses an obstacle course, 9 hole mobile miniature golf, photo booth and tons of cool stuff for birthdays, graduation and private parties. Go Bonkerz is Boomin’ and there is much more to come. My goal is to have the best Party Entertainment Serivice in the Tri-County radius…in 3 years. Click on the logo below to learn more about Go Bonkerz see our prices, party services and to stay tuned in on our Facebook page.

go bonkerz indiana pa

Even after all the “physical” business I create and operate around Indiana – most of my website visitors stumble across this website from my online business – The Marketing Madman – How to Make Money on the Internet or any number of the online articles and e-books I’ve wrote over the years.

john fordyce

My close friends, family and followers know I like inspecting homes, and I like Go Bonkerz Entertainment…but my true love is Internet Marketing. I love building my army of websites and ebay affiliate stores.  It’s a great feeling waking up and logging into you Paypal account and see a monthly stream of income working from home, or the beach or your camp in Cook Forest. Internet Marketing is my retirement program and it should be yours too.

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