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Hello there –  Thank you for stopping by and learning a bit more about me. It’s hard to say how you’ve found this website through Facebook, my Home Inspection business, DJing around Indiana PA or just browsing the Net…anyways what you’ll find here is my Internet Marketing playground.

About 10 years ago I learning how to use the Internet to earn extra cash from home in my spare time.   Basically I began making products and selling other peoples products to generate a steady Internet income and it’s continued for years. I’ve been laying the ground work for these incomes to stay afloat forever, and you should too…

john fordyce marketing

Believe me; I’m not an Internet millionaire or anything like that – I don’t have a yacht or a Mazzaratti at my beach house. Those things would be fun…but for me. Knocking out my electric bill every month with my online business is much more pleasing….and realistic.

Now this website is a warehouse for all my stuff – my ebooks, guides, products and projects — all my materials for anyone who wants to see exactly what I do online and get started doing the same..!

Click Here >> See How it All Goes Down…

Friends listen….I like Facebook…it’s fun and all…but it’s a complete waste of time. I promise you there is a lot more you can do on your computer that can benefit yourself and your family. Let me show you exactly what I mean.  Fill out the form below – Get your FREE copy of my latest course Mad-Marketing 2015  – it’s complete training on how to build your own products and start selling them online. This is my course and I’ll help you create for first products and we can begin putting the wheels in place for your product to get moving.

Let me show you exactly how to make 2015 your best year yet..!

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