Another Day – Another Dollar – Some Days Why Bother…

Hello there –  Thank you for stopping by and learning a bit more about me and all the crazy things I get myself into.

It’s hard to say how you’ve found this website through Facebook, Safe-Buy Home Inspection, GO BONKERZ, DJing around Indiana PA or just browsing the Net…anyways thanks for stopping by and playing along.

john fordyce marketing

I’m an Entrepreneur – i do my own thing and dance to the beat of my own drum. This blog is set aside for me to help others who have the same goals see them come to pass. Writing and Internet Marketing has always been a hobby for me and now I try to use those talents to help others in my area begin seeing there idea, businesses and dreams come true. You can see my blog posts, pictures, rants and raves from the links on the right. Feel free to comment or post anything you like…!

go bonkerz indiana pa

I’ve been crazy busy the last few months opening a new business. Go Bonkerz Entertainment will bring entertainment, bounce houses, inflatables and all around party madness to the Indiana PA and surrounding areas. If you haven’t seen the website yet – stop by and have a look >> Go Bonkerz Entertainment <<  – be sure to like our Facebook page.

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